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On our next TF Discussion, we will consider the subject: Effective Bible Reading.  This study will take place on December 11, 2019.  This will be episode 282.

We hope you can join us at 11:00 AM CT for our study.  You can join the study by using the Live Viewing page or by viewing on either our Youtube page or our Facebook page.  

We have prepared a series of questions that will guide the study. You can submit your answers using a Google form on our Forms page at https://forms.gle/Ss8PPu1ALnkEH2W59. {While the form will collect your email address, we will not use your email address for mailings.} This study will pick up with answering skeptics but feel free to submit answers to the earlier questions.  We will look back over those submissions at the start of the study.

Here is a link to download the text version of the questions: TF Discussion Questions for Effective Bible Study.

You can also submit your answers to questions@truthfactorlive.com.

Audio-only Format

We have added some of our previous studies in an audio-only form.  I would like to thank Grant Haines for taking the time to make this form of listening available.  You will notice the list of audio files below the video replay area.   

How to Participate 

We enjoy it when people participate in our weekly Truth Factor Discussion. Such comments and questions help us to grow.  We are now using a chatroom powered by Minnit Chat. Using this chatroom, you will be able to participate in the study if you are viewing the study on our live viewing page. However, you will also be able to participate in the study if you are viewing the live study at either our Youtube page or our Facebook page. On our end, we will be monitoring all three chat areas and will bring those comments and questions directly into our live study. We will display the comments on screen for everyone to see. 

Please subscribe to our Youtube page and click the notification bell and/or follow our Facebook page.  This way, we will not miss our upcoming studies. -- updated April 17, 2019

Replay: Episode 281- A Beneficial Prayer Life


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